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Truffle Bunz

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Meet Truffle Bunz ~ not your average bunny, two-hand-sculpted+painted from... ear to tail. 

Unlike their furry ancestors, Truffle Bunz are not really fans of carrots... or any vegetables for that matter ~ they do, however, follow a finely-nuanced + nutrient-rich diet of chocolate~all~de~time, and have, naturally, evolved to be 100% comprised of chocolate { they are acutely aware of how kind the evolution has been to them }. Although, they did have that brief stint when they were into coconut, oats, sunflowers and dates, so traces of those may be found within. They are allergic to dairy and nuts, avoided in their diet { they also detest corn syrup, yuk! } ~ as a matter of fact, they prefer not to be fed as they have hit their sweet spot of ~60 g.

Out of the two litters, one had Bunzies with spots, although they are a bit conscious of their spots and prefer not to be questioned about them. They are also a little sensitive to inquiries a-la " so is it milk? ~ is it dark? ~ is it sweet? " and may get aggressive when provoked. They prefer to be seen as well-balanced, as most creatures of beauty. They are also rather fragile, and love being handled with loving care.

Their favourite pass time is playing in the mulch, which just so happens to be edible for humans, as well as hanging out at the Vaka Chocolatory along with that guy who talks about chocolate non-stop – Truffle Bunz don't mind, since it's a bit of a common ground thing.

It just so happens that they will be hanging out at their favourite spot today, from 1pm till 6pm, and possibly even tomorrow, in case anyone would like to come hang out, and, perhaps, even adopt one?

crafted from: cocoa beans*, cane sugar*, gluten free oats*, coconut*, coconut sugar*, dates*, cocoa butter*, sunflower*, lemon juice. 

plant-based ~ free of dairy ~ free of gluten ~ free of soy. 

may contain trace amount of nuts, tree nuts, peanuts and sesame.