Tea & Waffles

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Butter origin: Tabasco, Mexico

Tea origin: Assam, India

Cocoa: 40%

Weight: 20g | 0.7oz

  • Vegan

  • Free of Gluten

  • Free of soy

Ingredients: cocoa butter*, date powder*, oats*, coconut*, Assam black tea, bergamot oil, waffle (gluten free oat flour*, cane sugar*, whole cane sugar*, sunflower oil, kosher salt). * Organic.

Allergens: produced at a facility that handles peanuts, nuts, tree nuts, sesame.

{ description }

Date-sweetened batch of Earl Grey white with house-made waffle crumbs throughout.

{Assam Chota Tingrai}

The Chota Tingrai Tea Estate is located in the Tinsukia district of Assam. Established in 1943, it currently spans 600 Hectares, with 350 Ha. of planted tea. Chota Tingrai is home to 600 families with a total population of 2200. Run by young and progressive thinking, fourth generation tea farmers, they are a great example of change agents in Assam toward sustainable and ethical farming.

{ sourcing report }

The cacao used in this bar was ethically sourced from a single estate cacao farm in Tabasco, Mexico via MABCO. We pay the farmers premium prices in an effort to adequately compensate the farmers’ labour, support local infrastructure, and encourage sustainable growth.