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Tasting Menu: Strawberry Fields




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$30.00 CAD

Strawberry Fields is the menu celebrating summer's top fruit – the strawberry, lovingly grown by our pals at Heeman's.

This is a 5 course dessert tasting menu served as one meal over the course of your 75 minute experience. Please avoid consuming foods high in sugar, salt and spice prior to the tasting { skipping lunch is a pretty good idea ;}

Please be punctual - we begin on the hour.

Cost per person is $55 + HST { gratuity not included }. The amount you are paying today is a non-refundable deposit to reserve a table for 2 guests:

1 reservation = 2 guests. 
2 reservations = 4 guests. 
3 reservations = 6 guests. 
4 reservations = 8 guests. 

The deposit will be credited towards your total due upon the completion of your experience.

Due to limited seating, we encourage you to book well in advance.

Dietary / allergens: this menu uses nuts, soy, rice, sesame. no substitutions. 

Cancelations & changes: no changes to reservations; cancelations forfeit their deposit; no-shows forfeit their deposit and will be charged a fee of $55 + HST per person; over-bookings will be charged a fee of $55 + HST per person. 


is everything egg + dairy free? ~ yes.

is everything gluten free? ~ yes.

is everything super sweet? ~ no, the sugar is used sparingly so the natural flavour comes first.

is it vegan? ~ yes.

what to expect? ~ we will begin promptly on the hour, with a new course arriving to you within 12~15 minute intervals. at the end of your meal, the chef will come around to check on your experience, answer any questions, share behind-the-scenes tidbits or disaster stories.

what should I bring? ~ an open mind + clean palate.

can my party have 3 or 5 people? ~ no, due to the limited seating we require 2 guests per reservation.