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Sunflower Gianduja

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Cacao origin: Nicaragua

Sunflower content: 56%

Weight: 200 g

This is a song of joy. A decadent chocolate spread, without any nuts, for all of our nut-sensitive friends.

We pan-toast the sunflower seeds, grind them to a butter at 20 microns, add the cacao, cane sugar and salt, and continue the grind for ~48 hours. This allows us to achieve the smoothest consistency and a delightful flavour.

4 ingredients only: sunflower seeds, Nicaraguan cacao, cane sugar and Newfoundland sea salt. No palm oil (or any other added oil), no preservative, no additives. This spread is a delight spooned out of a jar or warmed for a “drizzle” consistency.

Some separation may occur due to the high concentration of sunflower seed (56%).

Ingredients: sunflower*, cane sugar*, cocoa beans*, sea salt. *Organic.

Allergens: May contain traces of nuts, tree nuts, peanuts and sesame.