Sourdough & Sea Salt

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Bean origin: Belize

Butter origin: Dominican Republic

Sourdough bread: London, Canada { Whole Grain Hearth }

Cocoa: 70%

Weight: 20g | 0.7oz

  • Free of soy

  • Free of Dairy
  • Vegan

Ingredients: cocoa beans*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, Ontario Field Blend bread from Whole Grain Hearth Bakery, sea salt.

* Organic.

Allergens: Contains gluten. May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame.

{ description }

This bar features the crumble from the The Whole Grain Hearth Bakery’s Ontario Field Blend sourdough loaf, folded into a batch of 70% Belize dark , finished with Newfoundland sea salt. 

{ The Whole Grain Hearth }

Whole Grain Hearth mills their organic whole grains fresh, using their New American Stone Mill in order to achieve not only superior flavour, but also to maximize the nutritional value of the complete grain, including the bran.

{ sourcing report }

The cacao used in this bar was ethically sourced from Maya Mountain co-op in Belize via Uncommon Cacao. We pay the farmers above fairtrade prices in an effort to adequately compensate farmers’ labour, support local infrastructure, and encourage sustainable growth.