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drinking chocolate { Mexico }

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A classic, 2-ingredient chocolate featuring the cacao of Mexico. The instructions included are a general guide, please feel free to experiment with the ratios, sweeteners, liquids and spices to concoct your own, cozy beverage!

Packed in a 100% omnidegradable pouch that will compost in your backyard rubbish pile + 100% post-consumer paper tag + the twine taken directly from the sack used to transport and store the cacao beans. No plastic, no foil, no PLA, no glue/adhesives.

Bean origin: Tabasco, Mexico via MABCO

Cacao: 66%

Weight: 220 g | 8 oz

Servings: 7

  • plant-based

  • free of gluten

  • free of soy

Ingredients: cacao beans*, cane sugar*. * Organic.

Allergens: produced in a facility that handles peanuts, tree nuts, nuts, sesame.

{ instructions }

In a small pot, bring to a simmer 125 ml of liquid of choice { water | milk | cream }.

Add 25~30 grams of drinking chocolate { try to avoid using tablespoons, weight rations matter, but if you must ~ 2ish tablespoons }.

Turn off the heat, but keep the pot on the burner – vigorously whisk the mixture until combined + melted { this can also be done in a blender, in which case pour the simmering liquid over the chocolate }. Do not use a spatula to mix, it won't work.

Remove from the burner, pour into your favourite mug, put on your favorite song, grab your favorite book, cozy up in your favorite sweater, in your favorite spot and let this fresh elixir melt you away. Repeat in 24 hours { or less, depending on the day }.

Garnish ideas: flecks of sea salt | cinnamon | cayenne pepper | ginger | nutmeg.

Note: for a supremely decadent treat, reduce liquid by half or double the chocolate. This will produce a thick beverage – an electric whisk or small blender is best for mixing.