cinnamon bun

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[ vanilla bean oat-white chocolate base + swirls of cinnamon caramel + vanilla crumble ]

Cacao origin : Venezuella via Delicacies Valley

Maple Syrup : Great Lakes Sugar Bush, Aylmer Ontario

Size: 474 ml

  • Vegan

  • Free of dairy

  • Free of gluten

  • Free of soy

Crafted from:

.{ Vanilla Bean Oat White Chocolate base }.
Crafted from coconut milk { coconut extract + water } + Vaka's 40% oat white chocolate { cacao butter, organic gf oats, organic cane sugar, organic coconut } + organic cane sugar + oat base {purified water + gf organic oats} + Madagascar Grade A vanilla bean.

.{ Cinnamon Caramel }.
Crafted from house-ground organic almond butter + Ontario Grade A Amber maple syrup + organic cinnamon + organic golden cane sugar.

.{ Vanilla Bean Crumble }.
Crafted in-house from organic coconut flour + organic gf oat flour + organic cane sugar + avocado oil + oatmilk + Madagascar Grade A vanilla bean, + orgnic nutmeg + sea salt.

Note: Please allow up to 5 minutes at room temperature before enjoying.

Allergens: produced at a facility that handles peanuts, nuts, tree nuts, sesame and wheat.