Pouches : Oat White with Black Garlic + Tomato + Ginger Leaf

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Butter origin: Dominican Republic

Cacao: 40%

Weight: 220 g | 8 oz

  • Vegan

  • Free of gluten

  • Free of soy

Creamy oat-white chocolate with black garlic + ground cherry tomatoes + ginger leaf. The first batch from The Harvest { memento } that came out slightly out of temper ~ broken bars.

The packaging has no plastic, no foil, no PLA, no glue: 100% omnidegradable pouch will compost in your backyard rubbish pile + 100% post-consumer paper tag + the twine taken directly from the sack used to transport and store the cacao beans.

The cacao used in this bar was ethically sourced from the smallholder cacao farms in Dominican Republic via MABCO. We pay the farmers fairtrade prices in an effort to adequately compensate farmers’ labour, support local infrastructure, and encourage sustainable growth.