Collection: bonbons

our bonbons are two-hand-crafted from scratch, starting with the bold-flavoured fillings and capping with our own bean-to-bonbon shelling chocolate: our single origin Peru 75% dark. each edible gem is hand-painted with pigmented cacao butter.

all flavours are free of dairy + free of gluten + free of soy.

Important: weekly orders are due 9am Thursday for weekend pickup and/or Monday shipping. Orders placed after the deadline will be prepared the following week.

  • step one

    you select your boxy and customize your flavour selection to your heart's content

  • step two

    we hand-pick your selections + prepare your boxy ~ this may take up to 3 days – for same week pickup/dispatch, orders must be in by 9am on Thursday; mailed orders are shipped on Monday

  • step three

    your boxy ships or you come visit the chocolatory to collect your boxy to enjoy, lavish and share {optional}